Phi Alpha Gamma

Phi Alpha Gamma
Photo by Deogracias Lerma

“MUST SEE,” St. Paul Pioneer Press
Hot Sheet pick, THE ADVOCATE

Two years after a gay-bashing scarred the fraternity’s reputation, how will the group react when a brother comes out of the closet?

Structured like a Greek tragedy, Dan Bernitt weaves together the voices of four fraternity brothers as they grapple with the residue of a gaybashing and their own homophobia. In this haunting portrait of panic, Phi Alpha Gamma focuses a compassionate eye on the complicated threads of brotherhood embedded in Americana.

Phi Alpha Gamma premiered in August 2008 at the Minnesota Fringe Festival. The 2009 tour was sponsored in part by the Kentucky Center for the Arts and Toyota, and it was featured on festival stages in Dublin, Ireland; Minneapolis; the Berkshires; and Indianapolis. It later was performed at multiple colleges in the Midwest. The play was directed by Paul Takacs.

The play won Bernitt the Robert Chesley Award for Lesbian and Gay Playwriting, an Al Smith Fellowship from the Kentucky Arts Council, and a residency at the Helene Wurlitzer Foundation in Taos, New Mexico. The published version of Phi Alpha Gamma was a finalist for both a Lambda Literary Award and a ForeWord Magazine Book of the Year.

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“ONE OF THE BEST … The show started with leading the pledges (the audience) in a rouser cheer for Phi Alpha Gamma. From that point on, Dan had [us] locked in on the tale he was telling.”

— Minneapolis City Pages

“The combination of dramatic anthropology and revenge fantasy is intense and skillfully observed”

— Indianapolis Nuvo

“MUST SEE … The most remarkable thing is how even-handedly he treats his characters in a setting less talented writers would populate with broad stereotypes … clearly a winner at the core”

— St. Paul Pioneer Press