Moments of Disconnect

Photo by Lauren Hall. 
Photo by Lauren Hall

Moments of Disconnect is told with honesty and humor and blends the forms of theatrical monologue, stand-up comedy, literary reading, and spoken word performance to craft scenes from Dan Bernitt’s life — from the hilarious anecdotes of tree-climbing and doctor’s offices to the more poignant monologues about internalized racism and being gay in America. With a tone that shifts in an instant from soothing and sultry to energetic and warm, he presses bruises unapologetically, only to follow up with a humorous anecdote a moment later.

Moments of Disconnect premiered in May 2004 at Paul Laurence Dunbar High School in Lexington, KY. The 2005 tour was sponsored by the Kentucky Center for the Arts and Toyota, and it brought him to fringe festival stages in Provincetown and Cincinnati. Its final performance was in August 2005 at Comedy Caravan in Louisville, KY.

“It is Bernitt’s talent as a writer that is stunning. He is incredible. You wish the poems he speaks to us were distributed in print so we can go over them again and again. He is that good. … The tempo and nuance of his words are so well chosen that even his prose becomes poetry.”

— Cincinnati CityBeat