Thanks for the Scabies, Jerkface! 

FRINGE ENCORE, Minnesota Fringe 2006
AUDIENCE TOP 10, KC Fringe 2006
VOICE CHOICE, The Village Voice

Meet Dan: His parents talk to stuffed animals.  He once armwrestled a drag queen.  And the entire check-out aisle in Wal-Mart knows that he has scabies.

Thanks for the Scabies, Jerkface! premiered in May 2006 at the Firebird Studio in Lexington, KY. It was directed by Tom Wilkins. The 2006 tour was sponsored by the Kentucky Center for the Arts, Toyota, and the University of Kentucky. It played on festival stages in Cincinnati, Provincetown, the Berkshires, Kansas City, Minneapolis, Chicago, Columbus, and had its final performance in Buffalo. The original script is published in Dose: Plays & Monologues.

In 2007, the performance was reworked to include newer monologues, as well as pieces from Moments of Disconnect, and it was first performed in Indianapolis. It next played in New York City, in a run funded in part by the Kentucky Arts Council. It had its final performance in April 2008 at the University of Kentucky.


Photo by Meg Brown. 

Photo by Meg Brown. 

Li’l Sedaris
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